The Neon Noir Podcast: logo, illustration, website & social media images
The Neon Noir is a narrative anthology podcast of original noir stories, written by Jack Delaney and featuring the vocal talents of Erika Ishii, Leo Camacho, Anthony Tedesco, and Andre Boyer. It is currently in its first season. We put together key illustration, a logo, website, and social media graphics to help promote the podcast. Blending the literary quality of an audio book with the professional sound design of film, The Neon Noir breaks new ground. As such, it was important to establish a contemporary graphic style that both nodded to the classical imagery of the genre but felt like something completely new. For the full website experience, visit
In order to evoke a contemporary but historically rooted style, we used a color palette of black and neon brights (magenta, yellow, and cyan) in tandem with Acumin Pro, Neutra, and Abril Fatface. The logo evokes a neon sign. Key illustration references an opening scene to the episode The Dame
To further bridge the gap between historical accuracy and contemporary design standards, the additional imagery title graphics was put together using highly modified and edited period accurate illustration, edited and stamped in a contemporary color palette. The website functions as both an introduction to the podcast and as a jumping off page to listen to and support the show. 
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